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Tomato Basil Shorba

Desi meets videsi in this soup made with tomatoes and basil.

Lemon Coriander Pepper Rasam

Rasam literally translates to ‘juice’ in Tamil. This one’s made unique with the addition of tangy lemon and fresh coriander.

Beet Gajar ka Shorba

This Indian soup not just packs a punch with its flavours, but, is nutritious too. Thanks to the beetroot and carrot!

Sweet Corn Soup

We make it our style – cream style corn with a touch of Indian herbs.

Desi Manchow Soup

When your mann ‘chows’ for something spicy, Indian as well as Oriental, go for this Indo-Chinese creation.

Murgh Yakhni Shorba

Tender chicken simmered in a super flavourful Kashmiri broth – soups can be exciting too!

Prawns Pepper Rassam

Rasam literally translates to ‘juice’ in Tamil. This one’s made unique with the addition of fresh prawns and freshly ground pepper.

Gosht Kalimirch ka Shorba

What has tender mutton, fiery pepper and all sorts of goodness? This desi soup. Try it to believe!


Tossed Green Salad

Greens tossed in a vinaigrette dressing – fresh, fresher, freshest!

Papaya Peanut Kachumber

We bet you’re gonna start loving raw papaya after this.

Murgh Tikka Salad

Worry not meat lovers, we’ve got something for you too.

Dhuandhar Aloo Chakhna Chaat

Crisp baby potatoes tossed with tamarind chutney and all sorts of yumminess. Smokey!

Khamang Kakdi

The Gujarati favourite, now at The Yellow Chilli.

Ghugni Tikki Chaat

One of the most popular snacks in Eastern India, turned into tikkis and served all jazzed-up!

Pakwan ka Bhel

TSindhi cuisine meets Maharashtrian cuisine in this fun mélange!

Goli Dahi Wada Shot

Try having ‘em bottom’s up!

Samosa Chaat

We’ve got the best way to serve your favourite snack – crumbled samosa, sweet yogurt, chutney and sweet tamarind sauce.


Masala Papad (Roasted or Fried)

Papads topped with onion tomato salad. It’s fun!

Matka Dahi

Curd set in earthenware. That’s how you stay grounded!


Burani / Kachumber / Boondi / Pineapple
The ultimate Indian accompaniment.



Hara Masaley ka Bhuna Paneer

Hara hai toh behtar hai! Aur saath mein hai paneer, a super combination!

Harippa Paneer Tikka

Tandoor cooked cottage cheese marinated in a blend of chilli and spices. Dil, dimag aur taste buds bole hadippa!

Shabnam ke Moti

Literally translating to ‘dew drops,’ shabnam a.k.a mushrooms stuffed with cheese simply spell romance!

Chowk ki Tikki

Potato tikkis stuffed with spicy peas. Eat ‘em inside out!

Chanajor Garam Tikki

Cheesy potato patties coated with crushed spiced black gram. Exciting, isn’t it?

Rotli Paneer aur Lehsuni Hummus

India meets the Middle East!

Soya ki Galouti

Move over mutton ‘cuz the proteins are here to rule!

Pan-Fried Palak Corn Momos

Your favourite momos, now with a popular sabzi filling.

Crisp Vegetable Skewers

We’re turning an assortment of vegetables into something beautiful, light and crunchy.

Tangra Chilli Paneer

Don’t want to travel all the way to China Town in Kolkata? Try the famous dish here!

Palak Cheese Karara Roll

Cheese makes all things fab! Spinach and cheese stuffed mini rolls.

Sarson ke Phool

Broccoli florets with creamy mustard are surely going to make you happy, very happy!


Shaam Savera

Dusk or dawn, you decide! This is our version of paneer stuffed palak koftas on a luscious tomato gravy.

Paneer Tikka Lababdar

Your favourite starter, now as a main course!

Makhanwala Paneer

Butter and cottage cheese – the ultimate combination!

Do Pyaaz ki Bhindi

‘Do pyaaza’ originally hails from Persia, meaning ‘two onions.’ This one’s a treat for vegetarians!

Methi Malai Kofta

According to Ayurveda, fenugreek is known to aid in digestion. We create a fabulous dish with fenugreek balls in a creamy base.

Dungari Baingan Bharta

Love baingan ka bharta? Here’s the smoked version!

Karimpolam Stew

The mighty flavours of Kerala come together with water chestnuts to give a beautiful dish!

Tadka Palak Makhana

Fox nuts with tempered spinach, isn’t it unique?

Kumbh Butter Masala

Not the mela, but these are fresh mushrooms sitting in a buttery gravy!

Paneer Capsicum Bhurji

Meet the simple and sober – minced cottage cheese with capsicum.

Sarson ka Saag

Punjabiyan di shaan wakhri!

Subz Panchvati

Sautéed assorted vegetables with Indian tadka. Gorgeous on the palate and to the eyes!

Adraki Dhaniya Paneer

Love cottage cheese, ginger and fresh coriander? We’ve got them tossed together!

Urlai Roast Masala

Flavours of South India right on your plate. Baby potatoes tossed with gun powder and curry leaves.

Khumb Hara Pyaaz

Mushrooms are the best! Cooked with spring onions and flavourful Indian spices.


Pindi Chholay

Ginger and burnt cumin flavoured chickpeas, the pride of Punjab!

Rajma Masala

The ultimate comfort food for Indians, no matter where they go.

Dhaba Dal

A ladleful of this delectable dal will transport you to the road side eateries of North India!

Lalla Mussa Dal

Kali dal, The Yellow Chilli style! Black lentils simmered overnight.

Kadhi Pakodi

Kadhi chawal is Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s favourite food? Is it yours?




Peeli Mirch ka Rawas

This one’s our pride!

Hare Pyaaz Ki Machchi

Fish with spring onion greens. Well, there’s garlic and flavourful spices in there too.

Kurkuri Sarson Machchi

What happened to the mustard flavoured fish? Well, it became crisp!

Prawn Peri Peri

Crazy for Peri Peri and prawns? We’ve got a fantastic dish for you!


Chemmeen Roast

Chemmeen translates to prawns in Kerala. Relish our version of this popular dish.

Kadai Prawns

Prawn fanatics, this one’s for you! Tossed with bell peppers and aromatic spices.

Fish Tikka Masala

Tandoor cooked fish tikka in tangy gravy. You needn’t think twice before ordering!

Meen Moilee

‘Mean’ing fish in a flavourful Kerala style coconut curry.



Cheese Chilli Chicken Tikka

All good things packed in one!

Tandoori Murga

The classic, our style.

Irani Lollipop

Your favourite done to perfection with a twist!

Akhroti Murgh Seekh

Walnuts are not just brain foods, they are great when paired with chicken too.

Chowringhee Chilli Chicken

Straight from the streets of Kolkata.


Murgh Khatta Pyaaz

Chicken and onions combined in a tangy, interesting dish.

Butter Chicken

Happiness is a bowl full of this classic dish!

Tariwala Murgh

Chicken pieces in a spicy gravy – simplicity is the key!

Murgh Hara Pyaaz

Tender chicken and spring onions in a pepper flavoured curry.

Green Chilli Chicken

Chicken with chilli, chilli, chilli and more chilli!

Anda Curry

The humble yet flavourful desi egg curry.



Ulte Tawe ka Galouti

It’s time for melt-in-mouth kababs cooked on inverted griddles.

Tawa Chaap

Mutton chops – tawa style. Order, savor, enjoy, and repeat.

Pudina Seekh

Lamb and mint is one of the best combinations. Try this tandoor cooked seekh kabab for the ultimate experience!


Nalli Rogan Josh

Ratan jot, the natural red colouring agent, is what gives this dish a bright red hue.

Mutton Chettinad

Did you know that Chettinad food is one of the most flavourful and spiciest cuisines of India?

Mutton Keema Tari

Mutton mince in a robust curry will make your day, for sure!

Bhuna Ghost

The key lies in slow cooking the mutton.

Ghost Saagwala

Tender mutton cooked with pureed leafy greens. Awesomeness!




Plain / Butter /Whole Grain / Butter Garlic / Tomato Cheese Apparently, this leavened flatbread traces back to 1300 AD where it was found in the notes of famous Indo-Persian poet Amir Khusrow.


Plain /Missi / Pyaaz Mirch / Bajra / Roomali
The most popular Indian flat bread. Also known as phulka, chapatti, etc.


Mint / Aloo / Malabari / Lachcha Another favourite Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour.


Appam Signature food of Syrian Christians in Kerala. Pancakes made of coconut milk and fermented rice batter.



Saada Chawal

Steamed Basmati rice. Simple is beautiful!

Matar / Jeera / Tawa Pulao

Pan-tossed long grain rice with green peas / cumin seeds / masala vegetables – totally desi!

Brown Rice Pulao

Health bhi, taste bhi!

Curd Rice

Straight from South India to our kitchens and then your plate!

‘Guinness Record’ Khichdi

Need we say more?

Nizami Tarkari Biryani

The Nizams knew the secret. We know it too!


Murgh Awadhi Biryani

The most shahi biryanis of all.

Dum Gosht Biryani

…and you need nothing else.

Nimboo Dhania Prawn Pulao

For your soul!


Fried Rice

Wok-tossed rice and vegetables, for the Indo-Chinese lovers!


Pista Rose Phirni

The classic Punjabi dessert given a flowery twist.

Mukhwaas Kulfi

Like a breath of fresh air.


Our signature take on the ultimate mithai – gulab jamuns stuffed with rose petal compote.


Cottage cheese dumplings in sweetened milk. Go for it!

Dark Chocolate Brownie Fudge


Shahi Tukda

…and one from the by lanes of royal Hyderabad!

Indian Sweet Platter

All in One – Basundi, Phirni, Halwa!

Ice Cream

Of your choice

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